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Since its inception in 1953, the company has been contributing to the development of Japan’s major industries, such as petroleum refining, petrochemical, electric power, steelmaking, and shipbuilding, as well as public work projects, through designing, manufacturing, and selling of pumps, compressors, and steam turbines under the Worthington brand. Today’s Niigata Worthington, as a member of Flowserve Corporation group, has established a structural system to supply optimum, world-class pumps such as Worthington, Ingersoll-Dresser, Pacific, Byron Jackson, Pleuger, and Durco.

In 1987, Niigata Worthington founded Niigata Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. (NEMCO) specializing in the maintenance of rotating equipment. Consequently, the company focuses on not only the manufacture of equipment, but also on equipment diagnosis, consulting, repair, and maintenance services, which are highly rated by many industries ranging from petroleum refining and chemical, to nuclear power generation. In recent years, the company has been steadily achieving results in the fields of ultrahigh-performance centrifuges, water turbines for ecological power generation, wind turbines, etc. We intend to make a leap in the 21st century to become an enterprise that customers value, by developing and manufacturing various types of rotating equipment in response to the requirements of the times, and by striving to increase efficiency in rotating equipment maintenance.

Flowserve Japan’s Company History

1840 Henry R. Worthington, U.S. mechanical engineer, invented a steam-driven pump for the first time. history_02
1891 Nippon Oil Corp. succeeded in machine drilling at Amase Oil Field (present Izumozaki, Niigata Prefecture).
1900 Kashiwazaki Sub-factory, Niigata Iron Works (predecessor of Niigata Worthington’s Kashiwazaki plant) was opened by Nippon Oil Corp. history_03
1923 Worthington Corp. in the U.S. delivered the world’s first volute pump of over 70 kg/cm2G as a boiler feed water pump.
1937 Worthington’s technical staff established the suction specific speed theory.
1953 Niigata Worthington Co., Ltd. was founded through a technical tie-up between Worthington Corp. in the U.S. and Niigata Iron Works.
Manufacture of pumps, turbines, and compressors was started.
1954 The company began manufacture of high-speed (more than 3600 rpm) high-pressure and high-temperature process pumps for the first time in Japan.
1959 The company delivered the Japan’s first boiler-feed water pump (200 kg/cm2G) for supercritical pressure.
1966~1971 The company developed and manufactured new HDS and WTB as high-temperature and high-pressure API process pumps.
1985 The company developed the world’s largest (3200 kW) 7-train plunger pump, and started manufacture and sale of the pump. 世界最大(馬力3200KW)7連のプランジャーポンプ
Worthington Corp. in the U.S. was affiliated with Dresser Industries in the U.S., a world-class enterprise in the field of developing petroleum, natural gas, and other resources.
1987 The company founded its fully owned subsidiary, Niigata Equipment Maintenance(NEMCO), specializing in rotating equipment maintenance services.
1991 The company developed barrel type high-temperature and high-pressure API process pumps BP, and started manufacture and sale of the pumps. バーレル型高温・高圧APIプロセスポンプBP
1992 The pump divisions of Dresser Industries and Ingasol Rand were consolidated into Ingasol Dresser Pump Company (IDP), which became the U.S. side shareholder of the company.
1994 The company started a diagnosis service for rotating equipment.
1996 The company acquired ISO 9001 recognition.
1997 The company developed the vertical-split high-pressure multi-stage pump, and began manufacture and sale of the pump. 輪切型高圧多段ポンプWXH
2000 As a result of the acquisition of IDP by Flowserve, Niigata Worthington became a member of the Flowserve group.
2008 Merger of the remaining Niigata Worthington’s stocks with Flowserve Corporation to become Niigata Worthington subsidiary of Flowserve Corporation.
Niigata Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. (NEMCO) was also merged with Flowserve Corporation to became Flowserve’s service division.
2011 Existing Flowserve Corporation subsidiary (Flowserve Japan) specializing in mechanical seal manufacturing, repair and sales, internally merged with Niigata Worthington and NEMCO subsidiaries. This resulted in one big subsidiary to the Flowserve Corporation called – Flowserve Japan. Niigata Worthington and NEMCO names no longer existed. All manufacturing and services within Niigata Worthington and NEMCO subsidiaries were incorporated into Flowserve Japan.
2012 Large sized slurry pump, 16HNN-27, for FCC bottom service was developed. spump
2017 The head office was transferred to Kashiwazaki plant.