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 Corporate Infomation

Flowserve Japan Co., Ltd is part of Flowserve Corporation. Flowserve Corporation a worldwide leading company that specializes in the manufacturing and assembly of pumps, automatic valves, mechanical seals, turbines and solid-liquid separators.
Maintaining a corporative relationship with Flowserve Corporation, Flowserve Japan has the organization to provide the most suitable word famous brands of pumps and mechanical seals. At the same time Flowserve Japan also provides maintenance and repair services for rotating equipment. Furthermore, Flowserve Japan offers consulting services for equipment improvement. Flowserve Japan has earned a high reputation for its work over many years including excellent customer services.
Flowserve Japan aims to become a company receiving high customer satisfaction by making and maintaining rotating equipment in an efficient way. This is done by designing and manufacturing a variety of rotating equipment based on current market’s needs.


Flowserve Japan’s head office and Kashiwazaki plant are located five minutes away from JR Kashiwazaki station on Shinetsu line in the center of Kashiwazaki city. In the site there are the machining, assembling, testing, and painting shops. These facilities provide all required services for pumps from manufacturing to repairing. They also allow us to manufacture and repair pumps incorporating customer’s specifications. In the service department, we repair not only Flowserve’s pumps but also pumps made by other manufacturers that customers have found it hard to receive support from.
The designing and technical departments are also located in the same site. Flowserve Japan has a function as the main shop to provide all services about pumps in designing, manufacturing and repairing.




Osaka QRC (Quick Response Center) is located in Kadoma city, Osaka. QRC has manufactured mechanical seals and provided them to the domestic markets as the main shop in Japan for more than forty years.
Osaka QRC is able to not only deal in all of Flowserve’s products supplied all over the world, it can also handle customized products just for Japanese domestic customers with designing and manufacturing capability.
Osaka QRC has enough personnel and facilities to design, manufacture, repair mechanical seals and provide training as the main location to accommodate customers’ variety of needs for projects and fields in and outside Japan.




  • Flowserve Japan will dedicate himself to the development of industry and society around the world and pursue the maximum satisfaction of shareholders and the employee.
  • Flowserve Japan will dedicate himself to the development of local society and regional community which surround us.
  • Flowserve Japan will become the company who provides the products and services which give the client maximum satisfaction and meet market needs.


Management Principle
  • Customer satisfaction is the basis of our management. We listen to customers’ requirements, we work for the customers and we find out the solution for the customers.
  • We recognize that customers and markets drive the business. Under this premises, we challenge the new technology and the innovation of the products.
  • We will create the environment where all the employee embrace change and challenge the status quo. We put more stress on how he did his job than its result.
  • Challenging spirit which enable us to realize our dream and create the new. Our management principle lies on this spirit.
Environment we aim at

We will establish the working environment where;

is filled with the people with variety of talents and characters.

frank but sincere arguments, which lead us to the right answers, are made.

every employee considers not only everyday-work but also future work.

only people who makes his best efforts for his duties are respected and rewarded


We ask all employees to;

endeavor to improve and broaden their skills and strive for further efficiency.

do his job with keeping short and long term prospect in mind and spontaneously set up the clear target of his own.

act upon priority principle.

collect the information from the market and clients. Put them together with our rich experience and find the best solution.

not to be afraid of the failure. Just challenge and do it in timely manner.

realize our goal with individual commitments and team efforts.

Coporate Data

Company Name Flowserve Japan Co., Ltd.
Founded November 10, 1953
President Hidefumi Murata
Capital 500 million yen
Major shareholder Flowserve Corporation, the U.S.
Number of employees 191
Account end December
Sales 8 billion yen
Business scope Design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of pumps, solid-liquid separation equipment,
steam turbines, compressors and other rotating equipment; rotating equipment diagnosis
Main banks Mizuho Corporate Bank, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Hokuetsu Bank, Bank of Yokohama, and
Daishi Bank
Registration Special construction contractor permit by Construction Minister (Toku-28) No. 15624; installation
of machinery and apparatus
ISO 9001 (13832)Approved for high-pressure gas equipment testing and manufacturing